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Pet Lodging and Day Care Request

We ask that you read the following information completely to ensure that the booking process is seamless and easy for you and your pets. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!
Pet Lodging Stay Requests are not confirmed until you receive a reply from us!  We kindly ask for your patience so that we can get to all requests in a timely fashion! This process will typically take no more than 24 hours but in busy times of year, it can take longer. We always recommend booking ahead of time (especially for holidays) as we tend to fill up quickly.
All pets lodging with us MUST BE CURRENT ON THEIR EXAM AND VACCINES AT LEAST 3 DAYS PRIOR TO THEIR STAYS. Please plan ahead, and make sure to check that your pet(s) are current on all of the necessary items before requesting Pet Lodging.
For Pet Lodging, we require instructions on how your pet should be fed while they are staying with us. We will need the following information when giving instructions:
  • Will your pet be eating their own food from home, or will they be eating the food that BHPH provides (Sierra Natural chicken/rice)?
  • If your pet is eating their own food, we will need the name of the food they are being fed
  • We will need the amount of food in cups or another measurable amount such as filling a bowl/baggie you are providing (Ex. “two handfuls” is not a measurable amount)
  • We will need to know how many times per day they should be fed
  • Please also provide any other special instructions (Ex. adding water to food, warming up food, etc.)
We also require the following instructions if your pet requires medication (Please put N/A if they do not need Medication):
  • Medication name(s)
  • Dosage (milligrams/mg)
  • Dosage Instructions (number of pills), how often (# of times per day)
  • The last time you administered medication(s) before the stay with us
Cost for Pet Lodging/Daycare:
DOGS: $64/night, CATS: $46/night
MEDICAL: $85/night, DAYCARE: $42/day
*Please Note: As a convenience to our clients we offer discounted Pet Lodging packages. All packages must be bought before your pets’ stay, or at time of drop off, and are only applicable towards pet lodging costs – they can not to be used for medical or any other goods or services (including grooming). Packages have a one-year-expiration from purchase date, are for one pet only, not to be shared, and are non-transferable.