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Puppy & Kitten

This is an exciting, important time in your life, as well as, your pet's, and there are TONS to learn. At Bull’s Head Pet Hospital, we understand you may have many questions. We are here to help! If you have any concerns not covered during your visit or in the information below, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 203.324.5711.

Here's what you can expect at your puppy’s or kitten’s first comprehensive 60-minute appointment:

  • Individualized and thorough discussion with Drs. Steven or Nolan Zeide
  • A full physical examination of your puppy or kitten
  • Lifestyle-specific vaccinations catered to you and your puppy's or kitten’s needs
  • A bowel-movement test to check for intestinal parasites
  • Guidance on how to feed, potty train, and successfully integrate your new puppy or kitten into your family

Puppy Wellness Plan
(pdf, opens in a new window)

Kitten Wellness Plan
(pdf, opens in a new window)