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PET LODGING- Flat fee of $49/night includes personalized one on-one-care, multiple playtimes outside on new play equipment and with toys, comfortable Kuranda beds with fleece toppers, Sierra Natural brand Holistic Premium Chicken Formula and Kong treats. There are also no additional charges for medications. The “by the night” fees mean drop off and pick up can be anytime during business hours. Staff is on premise at night for safety and a generator ensures your pet’s comfort in case of a power outage.

A great place to spend the night
There is no place like home, but BHPH can be the next best place for your pet while you are away. Close to both 95 and the Merritt, making drop off and pickup a breeze! Each suite is large enough to accommodate any size dog and still allow plenty of room for separate sleeping, feeding and elimination.  In addition, the suite’s large safety glass front doors allow the staff to keep an eye on your pet and make sure he/she is comfortable in our climate-controlled environment Your pet’s safety and well-being is of utmost concern while here, so a doctor is always in the office or on-call 24/7 and we have a generator in case of power outages.

Our staff is trained to accommodate special needs pets and dietary requirements. They’re also able to administer medications at no charge. The best part is when you are away, our pet caretakers will send you pictures of your pet’s vacation; then, when your fur-baby is ready to go home, you will receive a report card telling you exactly how they fared.

Boarding Options

Pet Lodging is a flat fee charged by the night. It includes housekeeping, use of our dishwasher-sanitized bowls, high quality Sierra Natural Chicken and Rice Holistic Dry Dog Food, comfy Kuranda cots with soft fleece toppers, Kong treats, soothing night music, 3-4 outdoor playtimes with brand new play equipment and toys, medication administration, if necessary. Additional walks and tooth brushing are also available for a small fee.

Medical Boarding is for pets with “special needs” as determined by the doctor (e.g diabetes, seizures) and for pets under three months of age. It carries a slightly higher fee based on the intensive care these pets require.

Boarding Requirements
We want all of our Pet Lodging guests to be in the company of other healthy animals so we require all vaccines to be current and all heartworm tests confirmed before admittance. Pets must also be examined within the past year by one of our doctors to make sure they are healthy enough to board.

Pet Lodging Plans:

  • 1 night $49
  • 10 night plan $380 ($38/night)
  • 20 night plan $760 ($38/night)

Please note: Packages must be bought before a stay or at time of drop off. They may not be purchased at the end of a stay. Packages have a one year expiration and they are non-transferrable. 

Pet Lodging Form (online form)

Pet Lodging Form (pdf, opens in a new window)

To Make a Boarding Appointment Call 203-324-5711 or use our Pet Lodging Form (online form)